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Part-Time Academic & Postdoc
The successful candidate will conduct leading-edge research in Li-ion and Na-ion battery anode and cathode materials in academic and industrial settings as a Mitacs Accelerate Industrial Postdoctoral Fellow. The research will focus on sustainable materials design and synthesis to produce lower cost and more environmental friendly battery materials that meet or exceed the performance of current ... View Details
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Part-Time Academic & Postdoc
This is a postdoctoral fellowship in the Rainey laboratory at Dalhousie University  ( , working in collaboration with Dr. Paul (Xiang-Qin) Liu ( . The Rainey and Liu labs have developed a variety of recombinant spider silks and processed these into fibres by hand-drawing (e.g., Xu et al. (2017) Biomacromolecules 18: 3678) and we... View Details
Industrial Engineering
Part-Time Academic & Postdoc
With the uncertain prospects of climate change, improving the understanding of related geophysical, chemical, and biological implications for ocean spaces and ecosystems is essential. Simultaneously, to attain the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs), in particular SGD11, SDG13, and SDG14, ocean industries are increasingly engaged in activities such as renewable energy generation and sustain... View Details